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Flange Heaters

All our Flange Heaters are made to customer requirements therefore elements may vary from Incoloy to Stainless Steel and Titanium.

Flanges can be of any standard specifications or special to suit the need. Materials are Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Super Duplex or Brass.

Flange Heaters and the screw type lend themselves to being adapted to a withdrawable core type of heater. This allows maintenance on the heater without draining the vessel.

All our heaters are designed using proven graphs, corrosion charts and Computer Aided Design. A general assembly drawing is produced for approval before commencing manufacture.

All necessary controls are employed such as Thermocouples, PT100's, capillary stats and manual reset thermostats as required.


flangeHeatImgFlange heaters are used in hot water storage systems, for preheating oils, cleaning and rinsing tanks, heat transfer systems and for heating gases


Industrial Electric Elements (IEE) was founded by David Sheard in 1983 and has been meeting a demand for quality electric heating equipment ever since. Based in Staffordshire, we have the ability to react to market trends, whilst providing excellent access for product delivery and shipment to local, national and international markets.

We have been registered since 1993 and have ISO 9001 2008 accreditation.


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